Me Oh My
MeOhMy is a place to share my experiences.  My husband and 2 children are all on the autism spectrum.  With me at the helm of the oh-shit-mobile, I am navigating this family adventure in all its glory.  Our lives are filled with love, hilarity, and stressful chaos, one I would not change for the world.  With a passion for writing, my hope is that my blog will resonate and give others the comfort of knowing they are not alone.
With a lack of verbal filters and a surplus of sensory irritants, there is never a dull moment in my comical household.  I have surrendered and conformed to a very structured lifestyle.  I am the family coach, advocate, referee, and scorekeeper.  In the words of my family, I am a thoughtful, caring, obsessive person who always needs to be comfortable.  It is true- I am a track-pant-wearing, bra-less preferring, medicated warrior.


Do you have a hiding spot?  Like, the pantry, garage, or bathroom?  Have you ever sought this place to guzzle a gin and tonic, curl up in the fetal position, or shed some tears?  Maybe you have hidden there to release a mild break down, drown in exhaustion, laugh hysterically or to simply sit in silence?  If so, you are my people.
You’re about to join me for a dashcam view of some our best (and worst) moments with some tips, tricks, experience and products along the way that have helped my husband and I survive the world of parenthood and raising our beautiful family.
This is my life, my typical life in a very untypical world.