Having always been skeptical about products stating they are beneficial to those on the Autism Spectrum I became surprisingly intrigued about, ‘Simple Spectrum Nutritional Support Supplement,’ a new product that has been promoted all over the internet.

What impressed me the most about Simple Spectrum Supplement is that it was developed by a strong female team including a biomedical doctor, a behavioural therapist, and an autism mom.  With real autism experience, who better to understand the nutritional needs and the dietary deficits of our children.

Simple Spectrum was designed to support the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system; basically our brain health. With sleep, gut, sensory, and anxiety problems across the board in my family, I was willing to give it a shot.  According to the product details our cupboard full of vitamins and supplements could be drastically reduced, yet still covering all our daily needs.  With that said, I was eager to try it out. 

This supplement is allergen-free and free of so many of the ingredients we try to avoid in our home, due to all of our dietary restrictions.   It is free of Gluten, GMO’s, Soy, Nuts, Dairy, Casein, Binding Agents, Preservatives, Artificial Ingredients and Artificial Flavours.  I also like the fact that the supplement is third-party tested, meaning every batch is tested to ensure the vitamin is in the vitamin.

If your kids are anything like my sensory-sensitive, gagging pill-taking, supplement drink-hating daughter, they will appreciate that Simple Spectrum is an unflavored, dissolvable powder.  You can dilute it into water, juice, a smoothie, yogurt, or anything with such consistency.  For those of us who need to, it is very easy to hide.

In our house, ‘poop’ is an all-day, everyday discussion and has been at the top of my family’s brains for as long as I can remember. With not enough, or too much, stomach aches, and long visits to the toilet…, our lives are all about ‘poop.’  If Simple Spectrum can help with that over the long run, which it claims to do, I will be so thankful!  With Larch Arabinogalactan as a key ingredient, the supplement increases the number of desirable bacteria in our digestive systems and supports a healthy gut!  Other key ingredients include MSM, Inositol, Bioperine, NAC, HyroCurc, Acetyl-l-carnitine, Choline, Co-enzyme Q10, and MTHF.

If your child’s diet only includes, say five items, like mine, this supplement will help fill in the vitamin and mineral gaps, giving you peace of mind.  If veggies are not going to happen today, you can rest assured knowing the supplement will help fuel the need.

Do I think it is worth the price?… Yes! I know you can buy children’s vitamins and supplements at lower prices however, they are generally not nutraceutical, like Simple SpectrumSimple Spectrum only uses pure vitamins and minerals in the best forms, with no additives. 

There are so many great testimonials on their website, and my son said it best when he asked me to order more.  After a month of taking Simple Spectrum, he noticed a huge difference in his daily life.  He was happily more regular, thinking more clearly and less anxious.  He claimed, he just felt better.    Simple Spectrum suggests that you try it for at least three months to notice all the benefits, but after just one month my son recognized a positive change and a curve in his wellbeing.  My son is a vegan and personally, I felt more confident knowing he was getting the nutrients to aid some of his deficiencies.

To figure out how much you should order note that every bottle has 30 servings based on a 60-90lb child.  Dosage is based on weight.  If you are unsure of what supplements and vitamins to combine or eliminate with this supplement please ask your physician for their opinion.  They know you and your family best. 

I suggest giving Simple Spectrum Nutritional Support Supplement a try, particularly if you have children on the autism spectrum. We are going to continue our Simple Spectrum journey and see where it takes us. Hopefully one day, all the times I’ve struggled to meet and manage my children’s nutrient needs will just be a distant memory.