I was recently introduced to an amazing new App called, ‘Remote Quiz’ through, my friend Jerry Hsiang.  Jerry is the Founder/CEO of Remote Quiz, a social learning and quizzing platform for K-12. Remote Quiz successfully launched during the COVID pandemic. This platform could not have come at a better time!  Up until recently, remote learning has been a struggle and a daily challenge in my home! Remote Quiz has already established over 1,300 registered learners, and over 100 educators have implemented the App into their program. The App was recently featured as the “App of the Day” on Bubble.io. For parents wanting to encourage their child’s learning, or teachers seeking a creative way to interact with their students, this is for you! Jerry is currently offering meohmy.ca readers Remote Quiz Premium FREE for 3 Months. See how to receive this **Special Offer** below.

Why Me Oh My Blog loves Remote Quiz App:

1) It’s great for neurodiverse learners (including those on the autism spectrum). You can implement personalized visuals to the quizzes such as your child’s artwork or their favourite characters and themes. By catering to individual preferences, Remote Quiz has the ability to enhance a child’s attention span and interest. When learning is fun and captivating, it’s not a daunting task.
2) It is extremely interactive, making it more enjoyable. Remote Quiz’s interactive platform encourages and strengthens our children’s social and communication development.
3) It provides a safe place for our children to learn, be challenged, and engage with others via Zoom/Google Hangout.

Talking to Jerry About the Remote Quiz App:

Tell us about your app and what it does.

Remote Quiz is a social remote learning platform for K-12 learners. In essence, we make quizzing fun and interactive for young learners. After all, learning is way more productive when the students are having fun! Educators (both teachers and parents) can create their own quizzes and select from one of our pre-made templates, and they can also add their own image, select from our image library or GIF (from Giphy) to their questions. Educators can then share the quiz with their students and allow them to take this quiz in real-time via Google Hangout or Zoom.

How does your app work?

  • Users can join the Remote Quiz platform for free.
  • Users can either create a quiz from our pre-made templates (made by other users who want to publicize their content) or create their content.
  • Users can get together with their learners on Google Hangout or Zoom to play the quiz in real-time.
  • Users can see scores of each learner at the end, which allows them to optimize and customize their teaching lessons to focus on the areas of improvements for the K-12 learners.

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

Remote Quiz just crossed the 1,300 registered learners,100 registered educator accounts, and 16,000 questions answered. Our users are located all across the world in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Remote Quiz has corporate accounts from the likes of:

  • PwC (Big 4 accounting firm)
  • CBRE Group (Largest commercial real estate service company in the world)
  • Slalom Consulting (7,500+ employee management consulting company)
  • Ogilvy Australia (One of the oldest marketing agencies in the world)
  • Virgin Care (Private provider of publicly funded community health that service over 1 million patients per year)
  • Kindred Group (Top global online gambling operators)
  • Wessex Water (Water supply and sewerage utility company)

What are your future plans for your app?

The plan is to build Remote Quiz into the leading social learning platform, starting with K-12 learners then eventually venture into corporate employee social learning as well. Right now, in September 2020, I am working on onboarding a few sales team members (including one from Teach for America) and working with nonprofits and governmental organizations to provide our product for free to the families and young learners in need

What does Remote Quiz Cost?

General registration is free, however, you have the option of upgrading to Remote Quiz PREMIUM for $15/month. Below you will see all the benefits of going Premium- 1st image.

SIGN UP NOW **SPECIAL OFFER** Remote Quiz is currently offering all meohmy.ca readers 3 Months of Remote Quiz Premium for FREE. To receive this special offer make sure to note the ‘Source’ as meohmy.ca when you register. (see the Source option on the registration form below- 2nd image).

How do you REGISTER your student on the Remote Quiz App?

1) Through Remote Quizzes website Sign-Up with Email, Twitter, and Facebook.
2) Use meohmy.ca as your Source.
2) Create a Game by selecting from pre-created templates or create your own.
3) Click on “Create Game” to start. 
**Click here to register**

How to Register- for Teachers, Tutors, Classrooms & Corporate Accounts

Organizations, Teachers, and tutors looking to create an easier login for their young learners should contact Jerry directly at jerryhsiang9@gmail.com. Jerry will be happy to set you and all your students up for success!