Life Without Limits is a Women 4 Women Network Radio Podcast hosted by Thomas A. Russell, from Indiana. You can listen to his show live, or listen to all of his shows following the air date on iHear Radio. Thomas is one of the nicest humans I have ever met. His warm and welcoming ways make for a very comfortable conversation. Each week Thomas invites guests who share their experiences and how they have triumphed. Thomas is also the author of two books; “Finding Your True North: A Bullied Teen’s Journey Of Hope.” and, “Nowhere Man.”

Join us as we talk about my family life with autism. We chat about my family’s challenges, triumphs, my blog, and some of his favorite posts. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation- I hope you do too! Click on the below picture to listen.

Life Without Limits Radio Show is broadcast live on Monday’s at 9PM EST on
W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network, part of Talk 4 Radio, on
the Talk 4 Media Network. and on Talk 4 Podcasting
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