Autism Stories is a public Facebook Group hosted by 3 Autism Dads; Alex, from Alberta, Billy, from Minnesota, and Shane, from Arkansas. If you are on Facebook I highly recommend joining their group, it is a great resource. To get to Autism Stories, just click here. New to the FaceBook Live world, I was thrilled to be their guest. To join our conversation simply click on the picture below. The original air date was Sunday, September 27, 2020, but you can check it out anytime.

These gentlemen met through an amazing site and resource called Finding Coopers Voice, and Coop’s Troop. It was through the ‘Dad’s’ Zoom calls where they began to learn and support each other’s parenting journey. Knowing that the autism community could benefit by joining in on their conversation, Autism Stories was born. Once you joined the group you will have access to all of their Facebook Live Shows and so much more!