Autism in the Wild is a Podcast hosted by father and son duo, Chris & Noah who are from Iowa. Noah, along with his twin brother, is on the autism spectrum. With over 17 years of experience with autism, Chris & Noah bring such light, wisdom, and warmth to the conversation. Join my son and I as we chat together about our family, its dynamic, transitioning to college, and so much more. There are two parts to this Podcast Simply click on the pictures below to listen to Part 1 or Part 2.

Chris and Noah’s goal with their Podcast is to talk about what it’s like living with autism on a daily basis. They interview everyone from family members, teachers, friends, to people in the community. Chris’s wife Tyann, has a wonderful blog, Turn Up the V,’ where she shares her family’s journey. I highly recommend checking it out. Click here to discover all of their Podcasts- I know you will enjoy them!