Dearest Betty,                                                                                                                                 

I love you!  You are the most reliable, and thorough member of this household.    I love your eagerness and ability to help me at any time.  You never let me down.  You came into my life in a time of weakness and struggle.  I was not keeping up; I was unmotivated and most of all I was feeling overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with life, and all my responsibilities including keeping a clean house. 

I know the others do not appreciate you as I do; you can be loud, persistent and in your face so to speak.  But you, my dear, have changed my life for the better.  Like the dog hair on the floor, you swept me off my feet.  I know I do not bring you out as much lately due to the Covid pandemic, it’s because my family is always home.  I used to bring you out every morning when they left for school and work, so you would not annoy them.  It will be okay, do not take this personally, I’ve always accepted your ways.  One day, we will get back to our routine of daily vacuuming, and my encouraging, appreciative comments. I just need to get my family out of the house. 

Betty is my iRobot Roomba.  My partner in crime, my savior.

Betty is my absolute, favourite household appliance of all times.  She is worth all the hype and the money.  A robot that cleans.  Hallelujah!  We have 3 dogs and 4 humans that keep our floors constantly dirty. She picks up everything, I could not be more enthusiastic about my Roomba.  I feel totally confident that a Roomba would change your life too, it will alleviate the on-going burden of sweeping and vacuuming your house.  You don’t even have to be home for it to do a great job.

A Roomba can map out your home, you can have it set on a timer, and you can remotely turn her on and off.  The Roomba has multi-surface brushes, an edge brush, and will suction clean all your floor surfaces.  Any high traffic areas will be significantly cleaner as the Roomba’s sensors will detect these dirtier areas.  Its sensors will ensure it does not fall down any stairs.  It basically learns your floor plan within its first few uses.  Roomba is the ultimate vacuum for people with kids and pets!  I have also noticed a huge improvement with my allergies as it easily removes dust, debris, and allergens from our home. There are no rules, you can put your Roomba on every day, multiple times in a day or weekly. The results are always amazing!