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Nasal Irrigation 101

I am a self-proclaimed Nasal Irrigation Specialist. I have chronic sinus problems and have undergone multiple sinus surgeries. I would say that I have become obsessed and controlled by my sinus behavior and I am passionate about avoiding another surgery.

Twice a day I spray a solution of warm distilled water combined with sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate to clean my trough (sinus cavity). If my day consists of lawn mowing, gardening, or a hike through the woods I up my game. For beginners, I would start by completing one rinse a day and discuss with your doctor if they would recommend more.

As enjoyable as irrigating your sinuses may seem, some might find it rather disgusting (like my daughter- who gets totally grossed out by me). I have found that irrigating has minimized my reaction to environmental ailments and decreased the number of seasonal colds I catch.

Through my ENT I realized that everything likes to stay in my nose. Our sinuses are the perfect breeding ground for just about anything, including fungus. Irrigating helps me get these unwelcome friends out. Using a nasal rinse is relatively safe and easy to do.

According to Medical News Today, the main risk associated with the sinus flush is the possibility of infection. For example, not cleaning the utensils properly may lead to infection. This is an especially important part of healthy rinsing. Also, a word of advice- do not forget to mix in the solution package. Rinsing with water only will be an unwelcoming experience and one you’ll never forget.

Below are some products that I have purchased and reviewed!

Affiliate Disclaimer: My blog receives a commission if you use my links to purchase a product – Thank you for the support! Although I receive a small commission if you buy products through my links, these reviews are sincere and have truly made a difference in our home. I only suggest products that my family has used or recommends.

Years ago I started with the NeilMed Nasaflo Neti Pot – It’s a little teapot that you stick in your nostrils and pour, one side at a time until it drains out the other nostril. Now this was kind of fun, a great party trick for the kids to watch. The pot is harmless, gentle, and you have complete control over the amount of solution you allow in one nostril at a time. For the irrigation beginner, this is a great way to start.

Keeping up with the times, and with my specialist’s recommendation, I moved on to the NeilMed-Sinus Rinse-Kit with the spray bottle…

I found using the spray bottle much more effective than that of the teapot; it seemed to rinse deeper. Here you use an upright spray bottle that you squeeze up each nostril to flush out the sinuses. Now, be careful with the amount of squeezing force you apply, you are not trying to reach your brain. Once blasted up one nostril it will come pouring out your other. It does a great job clearing the sinuses of debris, allergens and objects blocking them. I have had many interesting things come out or loosen up while using the spray bottle and must admit it is incredibly satisfying.

Now on to the newest. I was recently at my specialist’s for a surgery follow-up and he suggested I purchase a Naväge

Always seeking the best sinus rinse experience, my hunt was on to find one. With all the store closures right now, I had a difficult time finding one in stock, so I purchased the Naväge through Amazon. It arrived in a few days and I was eager to try it out. Different from the previous rinses, inventor, Martin Hoke realized that for the best irrigation experience the rinse would need to be pulled through the nose, not pushed and the Naväge does just that. Knowing I would eventually use it multiple times a day I ordered a package complete with the system, counter caddy and 38 solution packages to get me started. The package was a bit pricy, but I was excited to find out for myself if it worked as well as I heard. If so, it would be a great investment.

Click on the review video below to witness my first Naväge experience (it was special). Again, when using any nasal irrigation system, keep it clean to avoid any unwanted infections.

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